Wholefoods, Columbia, MD #SundayMorning 05/01/2016

For about a year I have been coming to the Wholefoods in Columbia on the Lakefront for breakfast on Sunday. From there I usually determine where I will go to take pictures that day. Their cafe has a view of the waterfront and there is just something so peaceful about this location. When I come I usually take two pictures, one outside in the parking lot and one from the cafe. I also will take pictures of their flowers. They are on Instagram with the tag #SundayMorning.Today it was raining and dreary as it seems to have been for so many weekends. I got a picture of what may be a crane but my lens was not long enough to do him justice. A selection of today’s pictures are below.20160501_125158 DSC07110 DSC07123 DSC07129 DSC07132

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