Artist’s Statement

I capture images of nostalgic towns, modern cities, the juxtaposition of the two, and flowers. One day I would love for it to be said of me that I preserved a bit of history of a town, introduced you to a new place to visit, or showed you something beautiful. Through urban landscape, architecture, travel, and flower photography, I hope to accomplish my goal. My love of older towns and modern cities results in many short trips primarily around Maryland, DC, and Virginia. During the summer our travels take us a little further ever searching for Main Street and beautiful flowers. 2020 has hampered this travel tremendously.


Photography Blog

Farmer, Delaware

The Farmer and COVID-19

The Farmer As we are going through this COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of so many professions that sell or deliver us food have come to…
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DC, The Metro

The Metro, Washington, DC

The Metro, the subway, the Metrorail. It elicits many emotions. Opened in 1976, according to Wikipedia, is the transit system that travels between DC, Maryland,…
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